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My Bullet Journal Set Up

So I’ve heard lots about this Bullet Journaling (BuJo) thing, and I’d just written it off. It’s not for me. Sounded far too complex and not pretty enough. Nope. Moving On. 

One day at the end of December, I was doing usual binge watching of Planner Videos I came across Kara from Boho Berry. I instantly fell in love with her Bullet Journal style and how she approached planning. That night I researched everything I could and realised two things. 1) I definitely didn’t Understand the concept of BuJo before and 2) I must change my whole planning system. Now. 

I won’t go into explaining what the BuJo is – I’ll leave that to the experts. You just need to search in Google, Pinterest and YouTube and you’ll get all the information you need and then some. Today, I’m going to show you my basic set up. A beginners start in her BuJo journey. 

NB: A lot of my layouts came from Boho Berry– so I just want to give credit to her. 

What I am currently using: 

Leuchtturm 1917: http://amzn.to/1RFbHsQ

This is a gorgeous A5 hardcover book, complete with beautiful acid free, fountain pen friendly paper. It has 3 pages for an index, numbered pages, bookmark and a wee pocket at the back to hold those extras. They come in a rainbow of colours, and in either blank, lined, dotted or grid format. I love love love! 

I am currently writing a post about the supplies I use in my BuJo and planners in general, so if you have any questions from what you see here- stay tuned! 

My Set Up

Every BuJo needs a key/legend and here is mine. To create some interest I popped it on a wee project life card! 


Next, is the pre-formatted index. Easy to use and track the contents of your BuJo. 

Every planner needs a calendar so I wrote out my own. I got my little letter stickers from Typo Shop, here in New Zealand but they don’t seem to be available online anymore 😦 

It’s a new year, so I wanted a WORD. My word of the year is “progress”.  
Bullet Journaling tends to focus on the now, so if you want to forward plan, you better plan for it!  Here I have the first quarter of the year, and a space to brain dump.  


One thing I love about the BuJo system is that you can make it your own. You can add anything wherever you feel like, and as long as you index it you’re good to go. Here is my Daily Chores List & a list of Books to Read. 


Now for the guts of it all. Here is my January section. I have the usual. A month at a glance to track upcoming appointments, events, goals and tasks, A daily tracker and my “daily spreads”. 




So far I am loving this system and how flexible it is- I’ll of course update everyone next month on how it’s going. 

Nish x 

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