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What’s in my Pencil Case? 

I keep my pencil case with the minimal things I need to plan both at home and on the go. I used to carry a rather large pencil case that could hold up to 60 pens, but realistically I didn’t use them all, and I found it much easier once my system was simplified. So let’s dive in! 

(Links to where you can purchase items are in bold/underlined text below)

The Pencil Case 

I’m sure you’ve seen these striped little fellows about, and I am such a fan. You can purchase him and a couple more of his friends from Simple Heart’s online shop! I’ve named mine Charlie, and he holds everything I need and still has a wee bit of room left! 

The Pens & Pencils 


For my daily writing in my Bullet Journal, as seen above, I use the Uni Pin Fine Line in both a 0.5 and 0.3 nib

They are also perfect to use with watercolour as they are pigment ink and waterproof for you journalers out there. 

Next, I have a Sakura Micron 0.05 for those tiny spaces where my handwriting needs to be miniscule or I need finer lines when doodling in my journals. 


For my colour coding and key I use three Coleto High Tec-C with different colours as refills. These are perfect for tracking expenses, in my Hobonichi. 

Of course, every pencil case needs pencils and I have a couple in there at all times for “pencilling in” plans, or sketching etc 



I think highlighters are great, especially if you’re like me and only plan in one specific ink colour. (For me it’s black). I’ve used a few different brands but I am in LOVE with Zebra Mildliners. They are subtle colours that don’t bleed through pages even as thing is tomoe river papers and I even use them on the thin pages of my bible! You will not be disappointed in these! 


My pencil case would not be complete with my favourite pair of scissors. I received these as a gift years and years ago, and they were meant to be embroidery scissors, but I find them to be perfect for snipping washi during those pretty planning sessions! 


Last but not least, every planner girl/gal needs straight lines, so I carry this very small steel ruler with me which is absolutely perfect and portable! 

Well, that’s it! As you can see I don’t carry a lot which makes it easy to take my pencil case with me wherever I go. It also allows me to have a clear and consistent look through my Bullet Journal/Planner which I love!

What are your planning essentials?

Nish x 

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